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17 Responses to GUEST BOOK

  • Michael Rice says:

    Hello, my name is Mike and I thought I would drop you all a line. You have a very well put together web site and your unit looks very professional. I am a bit of a WWII buff and I have been searching for a way to preserve the memory of these amazing men. I currently live in Sidney(25 minutes North of Dayton) and I see that you are an Ohio based unit. Many of the events you have on the schedule I recognize and would love to hear back from you about how or even if I could join your ranks. Please let me know where you stand on this and if you need any more details about me, please feel free to ask. Thanks for your time. Very respectfully, Michael Rice

    • Bob Traphagan says:


      If you are still interested please click on my link and I will contact you ASAP.

      Lt. Bob Traphagan

  • William Curl says:

    My father Charles R. Curl Sr. passed away in Sept 2002. I don’t have his discharge. He served with the 101st, but don’t know if he was in the 502nd. Any information on his service???

    • Bob Traphagan says:


      If you did not get a reply please let me know and I will respond as soon as you contact me.

      Lt. Bob Traphagan

  • Doug Reed says:

    I appreciate you folks for keeping alive and accurate the sacrifices and ruggedness of our WWII vets.

  • Cliff Rittenhouse says:

    I am happy to see that the unit has continued to strive forward. I was a part of this group back in the day and even have a few pictures of the guys when we did a couple of events. I am sad to say that life got in the way and I drifted away from this group. I do have to say that I am IMPRESS with everything you guys are doing. I may even rejoin this group now that my son’s are older and life doesn’t take as much of my time as it use too.

    Thanks for your time and keep up the great work!

  • Don Christ says:

    I am an ex 502nd man [1956-1959] The 508 Red Devils had just returned from Korea and the division was just being re-activated. I am very interested in the preservation of this famous group. Had a few fights at the PX with my neighbors the 506th. My commander was Col Talton Long, and I served as his orderly for several months. Westmoreland became our Division leader. I would appreciate any info on the old group. Thanx Don

  • joe jenkins says:

    I would like to say to all the members of the 101st. Thank you all for letting a couple dogfaces from the 83rd fall in with ya. I had a fantastic time. And would like to attend the spring battle as well. And to Capt sullivan and Sgt Bussey ill make sure ill get em all next time .if we have to hold that end of the damn again lol. Thanks again and look forward to.falling in with ya guys again. Joe Jenkins

  • Nice website…thank you all for honoring the men of Company I, 502 PIR, 101st Airborne, WWII. Today there are only 10 of these amazing men still with us. Robert J. Hartzell, Tiffin, Ohio, 93, passed away January 4, 2015. He was the founder of the newsletter for Company I 502. When Bob became unable to carry on the newsletter, “Company I Poopsheet” I began publishing it for him.
    God bless you all who show your respect and honor these heroes. .

  • Carl Shepard says:

    After seeing the D-Day reenactment at Conerant last week I started searching for reenactment groups. Part of my 6 years in the U.S. Army ( 1975 – 1981) was with HHC, 1/502, 101 ABN, at Ft. Campbell.
    Thank you all for your service and for keeping the history alive.

  • gabriel illes says:

    I was at the Conneaut D Day reenactment and am interested in joining if that is possible? Are any reenactment groups closer to northeast Ohio??

    • rctrapper says:

      Hello Gabriel,

      There is another 101st group in the the Cleveland, Akron, Canton area. We have member in western (Dayton), central (Columbus) & eastern (Cambridge) parts of the state. If you look under the Handbook page it will give you the guidelines for our group. Also, if you contact Bob Traphagan, under the contact list to the left of the page, he can provide you with other information. What part of Northeast Ohio are you in and how old are you if I may ask. The reason I ask is there are certain guidelines in the state of Ohio we have to follow. This pertains to anyone under the age of 18 and their participation in battle type senerios.

      Sgt. Fowler

  • MILT HEGER says:

    Hello! I am trying to help a friend find more about her Uncle.
    Can any of you PLEASE help me with any details of his service, however minor it may seem. Battles, towns and areas he may have been to. Photos of anything appropriate to his service as possible? >
    Antonio G. Monuz, (possibly misspelled as Monoz at times)
    Private First Class in F-Company, 502nd PIR.
    Thank you SO much!!!

    • rctrapper says:

      Hello Milt,

      As far as info on F Co. we do not have anything. You may try Mark Bando’s Trigger Time web site. He is the historian for the 101st Airborne.

  • Symm H. McCord says:

    Thanks for keeping alive the legacy of these great people who saved our world from the worst evils that the entire world has ever had to face. I plan to finish an historical fiction novel about the 5-O-Deuces soon. I hope it will go out on the Market in about 6 month. Currently the title is expected to be “The Five-O-Deuces” The Journey of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment during WW II.

  • Benjamin Bishop says:


    I sent a message through the website but am just doing my due diligence here.

    I am interested in joining up with your unit and have been interested in World War II reenacting for quite some time. The main reason being I’ve had a great interest in World War II my entire life. My grandfather serve with the 11th Airborne Division in the pacific and made the combat jump at Luzon. He used to take me to the National Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton on Saturday mornings and I listened to his stories.

    I currently live and work in the Dayton Area as. Police Officer. I am 23 years old and am seeking information about your unit as far as when do you have your company meetings? What is involved in joining up with you? What events do you participate in and where? Do you have any recommendations for acquiring/requisitioning gear?

    Thank you for any advised information,

    Benjamin Bishop

    • rctrapper says:

      Hello Benjamin,

      Due to the issues that have been going on the last few weeks/months we have had to cancel many of our events. The Handbook can be found on the front page in the left hand tab, this will go through the uniform and gear we use. The Membership Application is at the bottom of the front page. You can contact John Fowler, he lives in Huber Heights, at and he can walk you through your questions.

      T/3 Fowler